Organize, optimize and standardize your codebase today.

Our clients across many industries have used our service for the following reasons:

  • The code refactoring and conversion can be done in a fraction of the time it would take their in-house developers to do it, freeing up internal resources and allowing them to focus on new mission critical projects while we take care of their code base refactoring and conversion
  • We can convert all their software to one common language or a group of languages, allowing for better management and standardization of code bases, platforms and systems across their entire development organization
  • Costs a fraction of what it would cost them to do internally or outsourced to other companies
  • Caps their budget for code refactoring and/or conversion and ensures that they will not face cost and time overruns in their budgets
  • The service works as an outsourced engagement so your internal team's time is not taken up learning anything new and there are no disruptions or changes needed in your current development process

Examples Of Project Results
We have worked on optimization projects for existing and new clients and have some interesting facts to share:

On a project for a large bank's analytics tools we were able to take the project which had over 1000 classes and streamline it down to 8 classes

  • This project was made up of roughly 1 million lines of code and our service was able to identify approximately 200,000 plus lines of code that were unused and unnecessary and hindered performance
  • We were able to complete the task in less than a month compared to an estimated 15 month time frame to do it manually

On a project for an ATM processor we were able to take their core transaction tracking systems and streamline and reorganize them as well as convert them from C++ to Java.

  • This allowed them to stop using their C++ consultants and bring all work back in house
  • They budgeted 10 months for their internal team to finish this project. We delivered it to them in 2 months.

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